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Payment Status API

API Description

Payment Status API allows the merchants to check the status of a payment or payment attempt using the order reference ID or payment reference ID.

This API can be activated for your Paymentwall Merchant Account by request. To activate it please email us at Currently supported for projects that are using Digital Goods API.

API Endpoint

Request Method


Request Parameters

parameter required description
ag_external_id no Merchant's product SKU ID
callback no JSONP callback function
key yes Project key
ref no Unique payment reference ID generated by Paymentwall
sign_version no Signature version
sign no Request signature
uid no ID of the end-user in merchant's system

Either uid + ag_external_id, or ref is required.

Request Sample 1[PROJECT_KEY]&uid=user_200255&ag_external_id=product_100244&sign_version=2&sign=[SIGNATURE]

Response Sample 1

    "expired":0, // if user's access to premium features has expired after, e.g. if he cancelled it last month and the next payment is already due, or if subscription total duration limitation is 1 year and the subscription is past 1 year

Additionally, Paymentwall can include DRM information into the Payment Status API response:
Individual Payments


Cart Payments


Request Sample 2[PROJECT_KEY]&uid=user_200255&ag_external_id=product_100244&callback=paymentStatusHandler

Response Sample 2

  ... // all other fields similar to Response Sample 1

Request Sample 3[PROJECT_KEY]&uid=user_200255&ag_external_id=product_100241&callback=paymentStatusHandler

Response Sample 3

paymentStatusHandler([]); // no payments found
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